Naupaka - e-book

A book of loss,leaving and returning

  • Auteur: Lideweij Bosman
  • ISBN: 9789082227727
  • Verschenen: 17-12-2015
  • Leverbaar: Niet beschikbaar
  • Druk: 1e druk
  • Productvorm: E-book (EPUB)
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgever: Liinkt
  • Aantal pagina's: 197
€ 4,99


Naupaka, the taboo-breaking autobiographical debut of journalist Lideweij Bosman is a true love story. Lideweij is thousands of mile away from her true love, while he is fighting for his life. They'd been inseparable for years fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma side by side, until Lideweij makes the excruciating desicion not to be at his side when he passes away. She leaves for Hawaii, the place where only ten months earlier Sander had proposed to her and told her about the legend of the Naupaka flower. Her journey helps her to work through deed sorrow. Tears are gradually replaced by inspiring insights and new dreams.

Glossy women's magazine Grazia awarded it with 5 stars: 'An absolute must-read'.

Belgian news magazine Knack writes: 'Naupaka is a book that will leave no-one unmoved.'

The daily Dutch quality paper De Volkskrant called it 'one of the most controversial books in recent years'.